Economic Vitality Strategy

The County of Santa Cruz initiated efforts to prepare an Economic Vitality Strategy in 2013. An Economic Trends Report was first prepared to summarize data analysis and input from stakeholders and focus groups. Economic strengths and opportunities were then identified, and draft goals and strategies presented in a Public Review Draft Economic Vitality Strategy that was made available for public comment in May 2014. Due to the level of stakeholder interest in the Draft, the comment period was open for ninety days. Forty-five organizations and individuals provided written comments. All comments were carefully considered, and information was added and refinements made to the document to reflect community input.

It became clear that the revision of the initial Public Review Draft EVS is actually a document that is less of a "strategy" than a "study". The process revealed a need for a more focused document that can more concisely convey the County's economic development vision, role, strategies and actions as a governmental organization. For this reason, the original document has been titled the Santa Cruz County Economic Vitality Study (EVS). A short companion document, titled the Santa Cruz County Economic Development Vision and Strategy (EDVS), focuses on efforts the County will take over the coming two years to support job creation, fiscal health and community quality of life.

The final proposed EVS and EDVS were released as public documents on November 13, 2014. The Board of Supervisors adopted these documents at its meeting of November 18, 2014. 

All of these documents can be accessed through the links below: